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Most of the skin care products claim about brighten your skin or even toned skin.Personally I do not believe in such kind of claims.I just believe in my natural skin.But in some of my body parts I can not tolerate the darkness of skin.I have suffered from dark underarms, even a lot of women out there suffer from same problem ,specially Indian women.So this is why I bring for you the best deodorant which is NIVEA DEODORANT WHITENING SENSITIVE .I would definitely say that It worked amazingly on my underarms skin.

I heard about this product on you tube, some of my favourite bloggers reviewed this product so I thought I should try this out and then purchased this product on line from NYKKA .I continuously used this deodorant on daily basis and after some time difference could be seen.I was not sure before buying this product.But after using this I can go sleeveless with confidence ,I feel fresh and smell fresh all day ,It has a pleasant fragrance ,I like it very much and all above that It contains 0% alcohol and specific for sensitive skin.This is why I am reviewing this product.


  • Visibly even toned underarms without irritation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • 48hr reliable protection against body odour
  • Feminine long lasting fragrance
  • Skin tolerance,dermatological proven
  • Do not spray on clothes 
  • Do not spray on broken or irritated skin
  • 0% alcohol,licorice extracts


  • Even toned underarms but you have to use it regularly
  • Fragrance is soft and fresh 
  • Does not irritates the skin because it is made for sensitive skin and it has 0% alcohol which great for skin
  • I do not wait for 48 hrs so I don't know if it works for 48hrs or not because I take shower in 24 hrs usually and I can smell its fragrance even after 24hrs which is amazing.
  • Lighten the dark pigmentation
  • Makes skin fresh all day long
  • After a whole day does not leave bad odour from the skin


Licorice Extracts (also called Mulethi which is known for lighten the skin pigmentation and remove darkness ).


I am telling you my direction of use-
  • At first  scrub my underarms with a gentle scrub or use some coconut oil with some sugar in it and  rub on my underarms with soft hands for 2 minutes and then rinse off with water
  • After that apply moisturizer on underarms 
  • Shake well before use,then hold the can 15cms away from the underarms 
  • Spray directly on my underarms skin
  • Then allow the product completely dry 


150ml/91g which is quite good,You can use one bottle for almost 20 days ,If you use it on daily basis.


Rs.199 for 150ml /91g


  • Smells all day,long lasting fragrance
  • Even toned underarms
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • It has no alcohol
  • Does not irritate the skin at all
  • Very easy to use
  • Good quantity at affordable price
  • Consistency is very smooth and light
  • Nice fresh,soft and light fragrance
  • Packaging is good,comes in a bottle
Honestly,I have no complains with this deodorant because I found nothing bad about this product.Even I regret why I did not find this great product before.

So this was all about this deodorant ,I would highly recommend this to those women which have very sensitive skin on underarms or they are worried about their dark armpits.I am sure this will work super amazing .You can also try other range of whitening deodorants from Nivea.If you have used this before then What is your experience with this product? Let me know in the comment section or you can give me any suggestion I would appreciate that .I will be soon with my new post.

Good bye!! Friends!

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