Friday, 31 March 2017


In summers ,we remain very careful when we go out of the house and we have to face hot Sun out there .We use many things such as sunscreen,stall,umbrella ,water to protect our skin from harmful UV rays which come from Sun and there is one part of our body which is very sensitive .I am talking about our eyes.It is very necessary to protect our eyes from sun rays .For this we need a good quality pair of sunglasses which can protect our eyes as well as look stylish.A good pair of shades are essential for everyone in sunny days .sunglasses come in so many different varieties.So this is why I would like to share Top 5 sunglasses which you  must try in this summer .


Pick a pair of glasses for you which suits you in every outfit.Clear frame sunglasses are one of my favourite sunglasses .These have a plastic frame .You can try these shades oversize and with any colour outfit and these are best for work outfits ,If you want look stylish at the same time elegant,then you should try these sunglasses.These come in varieties of style.You can wear these all day.These eye wear suit with every complexion.


Whom girl does not like rose gold ? I think every woman and every girl love this beautiful colour and that's why rose gold has been so much in trends since 2016 and in 2017 rose gold is still making its space in the trends.You always look pretty when wear this colour.The appearance of rose gold colour on sunglasses make them so stylish and so feminine and these give protection to our eyes also.These look beautiful with your outfits.


These glasses are for those people who love to experiment with their style .Geometrical sunglasses are very trendy this time and Hexagonal shades are very unique because of their unique design.There are many geometrical designs such as round,rectangular,cat eye.. etc. in the market but I found these more eye catchy so that's why these are in my top 5 list.These are very unusual ,funky and immediately give the more confident look.


Forget sunglasses which have one or two shades in colour .It is time for fun and talking about fun,rainbow sunglasses are perfect in this summer.No one can resist rainbow.If any confusion is in your mind for choosing any colour shades then go for these sunglasses.You can choose any frame according to your face shape.These look so cool and go with every outfit.


These are one of the classic trends in sunglasses and are called mirrored sunglasses because these have a mirror coating on the lens .These sunglasses look very hot and complete your look with more confidence.Mirror makes more fashionable and stylish those glasses.You can wear them with casual outfits.They define your personality so well.These are the perfect shades to explore your eye wear collection.
This was all about sunglasses which I pick for you and found more attention getting.Which one is your favourite eye wear? I would like to know about your best shade and If you have one of these then tell me about your experience with that one shade.I hope you will get some idea from this post.Next time I would bring more ideas for you guys till then ,

Bye ! Friends.

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